Mid County Homeschool Co-op 2016/17

A Ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church


Mid County Christian Home School Co-op Guidelines
1.    Al curriculum needs to be checked for content and it must align with the class requirements and the Statement of Faith.
2.    All teachers must be prepared for class before classes begin.
3.    All teachers must have a backup plan in the communication box.(Puzzles, games, & projects.
Student Guidelines:
1.    Students are required to participate in class and complete all the assigned work.
2.    No cell phones, toys, or any other gadgets are allowed in classes. Only exception will be specific assignments by teachers.
3.    Students are to respect teachers and other students at all times.
4.    Students are to be in classes on time and remain in class for the duration of the class time. NO student is to be unattended at ANY time. This is our agreement with the church.
5.    Students will remain in approved areas and under adult supervision.
6.    Visiting students will participate with the class. This is not social time, nor a day care.
7.    Students will not be allowed to skip age groups or move more than one grade forward. The curriculum is based on grades and maturity for each level.

Teacher guidelines:
1.    Teachers are required to keep students in class until the end of class time. If the planned lesson is completed early teachers need to find something else for the students to do (puzzles, reading a book, review and discussion of the lesson or a previous lesson.)
2.    Teachers are the final authority in the class room. If there is a problem the student may approach the teacher after class. (according to Matthew 18)
3.    Teachers are to respect students and in no way belittle or berate the students in or out of class. Show respect at ALL times.
4.    Teachers are responsible for students until another teacher relieves the teacher.
5.    Teachers are responsible for starting and stopping classes on time.

6.  Because this is a parent driven co-op, the parents are the teachers.  We require each parent to teach at least one class each year, as well as helping in at least one or two classes.  The exception to this is for families new to our co-op.  We require new moms to help out in three classes.  There can be exceptions to this with prior knowledge of the directors.


1.    Parents are responsible for seeing that a child’s work is done and completed on time. The only exception is with the teacher’s approval of late or missed work.
2.    Parents are responsible for the actions of their children and should deal with any problems that are brought to their attention and address them accordingly. If a child is disruptive to the class or offensive to a student or teacher, disciplinary action should be taken by the parents.

We want our students to learn that they are responsible for their actions and that God requires us to respect all authority.
Parents and teachers should respect each other at all times. Any issues that arise need to be addressed in private and according to Matthew 18. The directors will have the final decision if any such need arises.

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