Mid County Homeschool Co-op 2016/17

A Ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church

Fee Schedule

Mid-County Homeschool Co-op
2014/2015 Fees

This year you may pay your fees in full during the first semester or partial payment in each semester. The first payment is due by Monday October 6th. If you choose the partial payment plan the second payment is due by Monday February 2nd.  With pre-approval, you may deduct purchases from your fees.
Paid in Full
1-3 Students                          $100

4 or more                               $125

With high school student add    $ 25

Partial Payment (each semester)
1-3 Students                               $ 60

4 or more                                    $ 75

With high school student add         $ 15

When making your payment please include the following form so your account is credited properly.




Payment amount__________________________________

Payment for______________________________________