Mid County Homeschool Co-op 2016/17

A Ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church

2015/16 World History

Sept 14 Civilizations of the Fertile Crescent

         21 Egypt- The Gift of the Nile

        28 Early India & China

Oct   5 The Ancient Greeks

        12 Ancient Rome

        19      The Growth of Christianity

        26 The Fall of Rome

Nov   2 The Byzantine Empire

          9 The Rise of Islam

         16 Early Russia and the Fall of Constantinople

         23 The Early Christian Church

        30 Thanksgiving Break

Dec   7 The Vikings

        14 Test 1

Jan   11 Medieval Life

         18 The Crusades

         25 The 1300’s, The Age of Despair

Feb    1        The Renaissance

          8 Africa- The Civilizations of the Sub-Sahara

        15 China

       22 The Mongols and Marco Polo

       29 Early Japan through the Tokugawa Period

Mar   7 Discoverers and Conquistadors/ Report Topics Given

         14 Spring Break

         21 Civilizations of the Americas/ Report Topic Due

        28 Easter Break

April 4 The Protestant Reformation

11 Tudor England/ Report Rough Draft Due

18 The Monarchs of Europe

25 Open House/ Reports due and will be presented to class