Mid County Homeschool Co-op 2016/17

A Ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church

2015/16 4/5 Literature


4th-5th Literature

Homework will always be in underlined bold type

September 14 – Intro to The Trumpet of the Swan, author info, ch.1 vocab info in class, read ch.1 in class, read ch.2 at home.

September 21 – discuss ch.1-2, vocab info for ch.3-4 in class, read ch.3 in class, read ch.4 at home.

September 28 – discuss ch.3-4, vocab info for ch.5-6, read ch.5-6 at home.

October 5 – discuss ch.5-6, vocab info for ch.7-8, read ch.7-8 at home.

October 12 – discuss ch.7-8, vocab info for ch.9-10, read ch.9-10 at home.

October 19 – discuss ch.9-10, vocab for ch.11-12, read ch.11-12 at home.

October 26 – discuss ch.11-12, vocab for ch.13-14, read ch.13-14 at home.

November 2 - discuss ch.13-14, vocab for ch.15-16, read ch.15-16 at home.

November 9 – discuss ch.15-16, vocab for ch.17, read ch.17 at home.

November 16 – discuss ch.17, vocab for ch.18-19, read ch.18-19 at home.

November 23 – discuss ch.18-19, vocab for ch.20-21, read ch.20-21 at home.

November 30 -- NO CO-OP Thanksgiving break

December 7 – Story text project

December 14 – Story text project

December 21 Christmas Break, no co-op

December 28 -- NO CO-OP

January 4 -- NO CO-OP

January 11 – Intro to Charlotte’s Web, vocab for ch.1-2, read ch.1-2 in class, read ch.3 at home.

January 18 – discuss ch.1-3, vocab info for ch.4-5, read ch.4-5 at home.

January 25 – discuss ch.4-5,vocab info for ch.6-7, read ch.6-7 at home.

February 1 – discuss ch.6-7, vocab for ch.8-9, read ch.8-9 at home.

February 8 – discuss ch.8-9, vocab info for ch.10-11, read ch.10-11 at home.

February 15 – discuss ch.10-11, vocab info for ch.12-13, read ch.12-13 at home.

February 22 – discuss ch.12-13, vocab info for ch.14-15, read ch.14-15 at home.

February 29 – discuss ch.14-15, vocab info for ch.16-17, read ch.16-17 at home.

March 7 – discuss ch.16-17, vocab info for ch.18-19, read ch.18-19 at home.

March 14 - NO CO-OP Spring Break

March 21 – discuss ch.18-19, vocab info for ch.20-22, read ch.20-22 at home.

March 28 - Easter Break

April 4 - Project

April 11 - Project

April 18 – Fun Day

April 25 - End of the year party/Open House